Scientific Data Sharing/Trading

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Hi Katy,

Music to my ears :)  I do research in this area.  You can see my papers and
related PhD dissertation on
Mendeley<>-- the
references point to great prior work by McCain, Campbell, Hedstrom,
Craigin, too many to list.

I'm also keeping track of articles about data sharing and withholding in a
public Mendeley bibliography group
Apologies because the citations aren't well tagged and contain
errors.  That said, it has a lot of browsing fodder :)  Let me know I can
help point you to anything more specific?  Please contribute to the
collection too (Mendeley just changed how they handle group papers, but
we'll figure it out).

For current research, keep an eye on the tag by the OATP project.  (
tumblr <>,

I'm looking forward to hearing other responses!



Heather Piwowar





DataONE postdoc with NESCent and Dryad


remote from Dept of Zoology, UBC, Vancouver Canada


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