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TITLE:          Mapping the Structure and Dynamics of Psychological
               Knowledge: Forty Years of APA Journal Citations
(1970-2009) (Article,
AUTHOR:         Yang, YJ; Chiu, CY
SOURCE:         REVIEW OF GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 13 (4). DEC 2009. p.349-356

SEARCH TERM(S):  PRICE DJD  rauth; CITATION*  item_title;
                JOURNAL  item_title; REV GEN PSYCHOL  source_abbrev_20

KEYWORDS:       structure; dynamics; development; psychology;
               multidimensional scaling

ABSTRACT:       To understand how subfields of psychology relate to each
other as a whole, we analyzed 40 years (from 1979 to 2009) of journal
citation data collected from 17 American Psychological Association
journals. The results reveal two stable underlying dimensions of
psychological knowledge-basic versus applied, and population-specific
versus population-general-that organize subfields of psychology. Within
the structure, personality and social psychology is located at the heart
of psychological knowledge. Analysis of the dynamic flow of knowledge
between subfields of psychology further reveals that although the
subfields engage in clear division of labor, they also engage in dynamic
transactions of knowledge. Finally, an emergent subfield would first
obtain its intellectual nutrients from the established disciplines. Once
it has found its own niche, it turns into a spin-off and starts to
the role of knowledge supplier. The implications of these results for
psychology as a science are discussed.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: YJ Yang, 603 E Daniel St, Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Yung-jui (Daniel) Yang
Department of Psychology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Web: http://yungjui.googlepages.com/

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