Whether Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for Higher Quality Research

Philip Davis pmd8 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Jan 7 06:50:06 EST 2010

An interesting bit of research, although I have some methodological 
concerns about how you treat the data, which may explain some 
inconsistent and counter-intuitive results, see:


A technical response addressing the methodology is welcome.

--Phil Davis

Stevan Harnad wrote:
> Self-Selected or Mandated, Open Access Increases Citation Impact for
> Higher Quality Research
> http://arxiv.org/abs/1001.0361
> Yassine Gargouri, Chawki Hajjem, Vincent Lariviere, Yves Gingras, Les
> Carr, Tim Brody, Stevan Harnad
> ABSTRACT: Articles whose authors make them Open Access (OA) by
> self-archiving them online are cited significantly more than articles
> accessible only to subscribers. Some have suggested that this "OA
> Advantage" may not be causal but just a self-selection bias, because
> authors preferentially make higher-quality articles OA. To test this
> we compared self-selective self-archiving with mandatory
> self-archiving for a sample of 27,197 articles published 2002-2006 in
> 1,984 journals. The OA Advantage proved just as high for both.
> Logistic regression showed that the advantage is independent of other
> correlates of citations (article age; journal impact factor; number of
> co-authors, references or pages; field; article type; or country) and
> greatest for the most highly cited articles. The OA Advantage is real,
> independent and causal, but skewed. Its size is indeed correlated with
> quality, just as citations themselves are (the top 20% of articles
> receive about 80% of all citations). The advantage is greater for the
> more citeable articles, not because of a quality bias from authors
> self-selecting what to make OA, but because of a quality advantage,
> from users self-selecting what to use and cite, freed by OA from the
> constraints of selective accessibility to subscribers only.
> http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/18346/

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