14 SIGMetrics members have posted 3 papers on Academia.edu

Richard Price richardp at ACADEMIA.EDU
Thu Feb 4 19:49:13 EST 2010

Dear SIGMetrics members,

We just wanted to let you know about some recent activity on the
SIGMetrics group on Academia.edu.  In the SIGMetrics group on
Academia.edu, there are now:

 - 14 people in the last month
 - 3 papers
 - 4 new status updates (3 in the last month)
 - 4 photos

SIGMetrics members’ pages have been viewed a total of 1,014 times, and
their papers have been viewed a total of 20 times.

To see these people, papers and status updates, follow the link below:



Dr. Richard Price, post-doc, Philosophy Dept, Oxford University.
Founder of Academia.edu

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