Need some help on my PhD project

Thu Aug 5 04:37:49 EDT 2010

Dear Dr. Hanning Guo,

      I have a file for your information. Only it is pity that is in Chinese, however the table is in English, maybe it is for your reference here.

Helen ZHANG, Managing editor of JZUS(A/B/C)

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>Hi everybody,
>I am working on my PhD Project which is about Trend identification of
>emerging scientific fields using mixed indicators. 
>One of the indicators I want to look at is the journal age. I'm wondering
>anyone here have some information or the look up table which is about the
>established year and end year (just for some journals) of all journals in
>Web of Science? 
>I also want to compare the results of emerging fields with other dying
>fields. I have collected some data about dying fields but the size of them
>are very small which are not ideal for the analysis. I am also wondering if
>anyone has done or is doing some analysis with dying field. Do you have any
>recommendation for the data? 
>Thanks a lot.
>PS. If anyone also works on the similar project as mine, please feel free to
>email me. I am very glad to discuss with you.

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