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The article and discussion mentioned below are certainly interesting to scientometricians. Maybe some of you want to add their opinions.

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Betreff: [scisip] Invitation to contribute to Nature discussion on science metrics

Dear all,
You may be interested in reading an opinion piece published in Nature today: Let's make science metrics more scientific, by Julia Lane 
(<http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v464/n7288/full/464488a.html>).  The piece is freely available for a limited time. 

Perhaps you might like to contribute to the discussion at the bottom of this page, where we hope to have a thriving and informative debate and set of comments about metrics. 
Do you, as a scientist, feel your achievements are being properly accounted for and used towards funding and hiring decisions? 

Would you, as a metrics researcher, like to point to useful projects, examples of best practice, or areas that need urgent attention?
Authors of insightful comments published on this page may be invited to contribute to more content on this subject in the print edition of Nature.

Many thanks for your time and attention,
Best wishes,
Nicola Jones.

Ms. Nicola Jones
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