Schui, G; Krampen, G "Computer Assisted Learning and its Impact on Educational Programs within the past decade: A Bibliometric Overview of Research" Beyond Knowledge: The Legacy of Competence. p.115-116, 2008 (Springer, Dordrecht)

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TITLE:      Computer Assisted Learning and its Impact on Educational
     Programs Within the Past Decade: A Bibliometric Overview of Research

AUTHOR:     Schui, G; Krampen, G

            p.115-116 SPRINGER, DORDRECHT

(Beyond Knowledge: The Legacy of Competence
Meaningful Computer-based Learning Environments

Zumbach, J.; Schwartz, N.; Seufert, T.; Kester, L. (Eds.) 

2008, VIII, 312 p., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4020-8826-1)

ABSTRACT:       With the increasing ubiquity of computers and the
internet, and in light of recent debates on educational standards and how
to achieve them, questions of using computer assisted learning (CAL) to
improve the effectiveness and efficacy of competence acquisition are of
increasing importance. We chose a bibliometric approach to show the
research development of CAL and its application in educational contexts.
For more comprehensive information on using bibliometric methods to map
the literature of a research area, see Schui and Krampen 2007.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: G Schui, Univ Trier, ZPID, D-54286 Trier, Germany

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