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Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Fri Sep 18 04:20:47 EDT 2009

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Dear colleagues, 
1. I made a new routine BibAuth.exe available at BibAuth.exe allows
users to map the social network among the cited authors of a document set
(Pajek format). The program is strictly analagous to BibJourn.exe which
focuses on the network among the cited journals. (BibCoupl.exe maps the
citing authors in terms of their shared references.) All three programs
provide asymmetrical document versus variable matrices, symmetrical
co-occurrence matrices, and cosine-normalized matrices. 
2. The various programs which use WoS data as input data (in the tagged
format) are now updated with the new facility of the ISI to couple authors
unambiguously to corporate addresses. This information is stored in an
additional file csau.dbf which can be used for the relational database
management between the author names (au.dbf) and the address information
3. A new and thoroughly revised version of "Journal Maps on the Basis of
Scopus Data: A comparison with the Journal Citation Reports of the ISI"
coauthored with Felix de Moya-Anegon and Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote (JASIST,
forthcoming) is now available

Best wishes, 


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