Nees Jan van Eck nvaneck at ESE.EUR.NL
Fri Oct 2 06:20:41 EDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

For those of you who are interested in producing science maps based on
bibliographic data, the following might be useful. We have developed a
computer program for constructing and viewing science maps. The program is
called VOSviewer and is freely available at www.vosviewer.com. The program
can be used to produce maps of, for example, authors, journals, or keywords
based on co-citation or co-occurrence data. Maps can be shown in various
different ways, and zoom and scroll functionality is provided to examine
maps in full detail. The program can easily handle large maps consisting of,
for example, several thousands of objects.

Any feedback on this project is greatly appreciated.

Nees Jan van Eck
Ludo Waltman

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