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Wed Nov 25 21:19:29 EST 2009

Dear colleagues,

Please forgive the wide distribution of this announcement. We write to
introduce a new social tool to facilitate citation analysis and help
evaluate the impact of an author's publications:

Tenurometer <> provides a smart interface to
make Google Scholar more powerful, convenient, and easy to use. Unlike *Publish
or Perish*, Tenurometer is not a standalone application; it is a browser
extension, so it can be used on any computer with a Firefox browser.

There is a twist. By using Tenurometer <> you
help tag authors and contribute to a social database of annotations,
associating authors, papers, and disciplines. We plan to make this data
publicly available for research purposes. All you do is use
Tenurometer<>for your own purposes, and
submit one or more discipline tags when you
query. Statistics from the annotations are
available<>on the
Tenurometer website.

In addition to providing various established impact measures such as the
h-index, Tenurometer <> leverages the
statistics collected from user annotations to make it possible for the first
time to compute the "universal h-index" (Radicchi  & al, PNAS
This measure is designed to quantitatively compare the impact of authors in
different disciplines, with different citation patterns. While citation
analysis has its well-known limitations and must be used with care, the
universal h-index and its Tenurometer
<>implementation may represent an
important step toward meaningful comparative
evaluation of research impact across diverse disciplines in science, the
social sciences, arts and humanities.

Please download the Tenurometer
Once you install it in your Firefox browser, you can access the extension
from the *View > Sidebar* menu, and start querying. On the Tenurometer
website you can learn more about the
read frequently asked questions <>,
consult a help screen <>, and find
out how to provide feedback <>.
We look forward to your suggestions! And if you find the tool useful, please
feel free to forward this note to your colleagues.

Filippo Menczer <> & Diep Thi
Tenurometer Team
School of Informatics & Computing
Indiana University, Bloomington
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