Asking for material about description of important research fruit by bibliometric method

David Wojick dwojick at HUGHES.NET
Thu Nov 12 07:40:42 EST 2009

Dear Liying Yang,

Your friend's question, how to identify fruitful research, is one we all ask. There are two main methods that I know of, both based on citations. First is to look at the importance of the journal in which the research is published, based on how that journal is cited. Second is to look at how many times the research article is cited by others. There are many variations on these two methods, plus there may be other methods I do not know of. I am not an expert so will leave to others the reference to materials on these methods. My own interest is in using the diffusion of scientific language instead of citation, to see the impact of research.

Best of Luck,

David Wojick

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Dear all:Sorry to bother everyone.
One of my friend is now looking for matericals about description of important research fruit by bibliometric method. She want to detect or describe the specific rule or character of important research fruit which might express in bibliograpy dataset. Much thanks in advance.
 Best wishes,
 Liying Yang
Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences    

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