Azizi MH, Raees-Jalali GA, Noroozi H "A Brief History of the Publication of Biomedical Journals in Iran between 1901 and 1979 " Archives of Iranian Medicine 12(2):204-211, March 2009

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TITLE :  A Brief History of the Publication of Biomedical Journals in Iran 
between 1901 and 1979 

Author(s): Azizi MH (Azizi, Mohammad-Hossein)1, Raees-Jalali GA (Raees-
Jalali, Ghanbar-Ali)2, Noroozi H (Noroozi, Hesameddin)3  

Source: ARCHIVES OF IRANIAN MEDICINE    Volume: 12    Issue: 2    Pages: 
204-211    Published: MAR 2009    

Times Cited: 0     References: 21     Citation Map  

Abstract: The history of the publication of biomedical journals parallels 
the development of modern medicine in Iran. Modern medicine was introduced 
to Iran in the mid-nineteenth century, particularly after the establishment 
of the Dar al-Fonun School in 1851. The foundation of this collage of 
higher education was instrumental in further advancement of modern medicine 
together with the publication of medical textbooks, but the biomedical 
journals were published later i.e. at the beginning of twentieth century 
and the first weekly public health periodical was established in 1901. From 
that point onwards, especially following the inauguration of the Faculty of 
Medicine of Tehran in 1934, the number and diversity of biomedical journals 
was gradually increased and their scientific quality was also improved. The 
present paper explores briefly the history of publication of 105 medical, 
dental, pharmaceutical, and public health journals from the early twentieth 
century up to the Islamic Revolution of 1979. 

Reprint Address: Azizi, MH (reprint author), Acad Med Sci IR Iran, Tehran, 
1. Acad Med Sci IR Iran, Tehran, Iran 
2. Namazi Hosp, Dept Internal Med, Shiraz, Iran 
3. Shiraz Univ Med Sci, Shiraz, Iran  

E-mail Addresses: azizi at  

00000, IRAN  
IDS Number: 436SA  
ISSN: 1029-2977  

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