Eleventh International Conference on Grey Literature GL11 - call for papers

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The 11th International Conference on Grey Literature GL11 will take place
this year at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., in December.

We hope get papers on usage assessment and statistics of grey literature
(theses, reports, working papers...), especially in open archives,
institutional repositories etc.

The call for papers is open until April 15, 2009.


The  Grey  Mosaic
Piecing It All Together

 Eleventh International Conference on Grey Literature
 Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA
 December 14-15, 2009

Conference Announcement

Over the past 15 years, Grey Literature has developed from a millennium
movement to a well defined field in information studies. This process has
been considerably influenced and shaped by results of research issuing
from the International Conference Series on Grey Literature. The Eleventh
Conference in this series will endeavor to piece together traditional
features inherent to grey literature with more recent elements both
technology and policy driven. In any field of science and technology,
information and knowledge aggregated in research must be made available
beyond the limits of any one specific information community, and as such,
should be openly accessible to net citizens. This principle related to
grey literature, requires that its uses and applications in diverse
subject areas benefit information society as a whole. Furthermore, net
citizens must acquire a sense of safeguard and security that the grey
resources on which they come to rely have passed some level of corporate
governance. In piecing the various components and facets of grey
literature together, GL11 hopes to depict a virtual image of the Grey

Call for Papers

Participants who seek to present a paper at GL11 are invited to submit an
English abstract between 300-400 words. The abstract should deal with the
problem/goal, the research method/procedure, an indication of costs
related to the project, as well as the anticipated results of the
research. The abstract should likewise include the title of the proposed
paper, names of the author(s), and full address information.

Abstracts are the only tangible source that allows the Program Committee to
guarantee content and balance in the conference program and sessions.
Every effort should be made to reflect the content of your work in the
abstract submitted. Abstracts not in compliance with guidelines will
returned to the author for revision.

Indicate the Theme most suited to your Abstract:

* Impact of Grey Literature on Net Citizens
* Corporate Governance of Grey Literature
* Uses and Applications of Subject based Grey Literature
* Grey Literature Repositories Revisited
* Open Access to Grey Resources

Due Date and format of submission
The abstract must be emailed on or before April 15, 2009 in MS Word.
Authors will receive written verification upon its receipt.

Further Procedure
Shortly after the Program Committee meets in May, those who submitted
abstracts will receive notification of their place on the GL11 Conference
Program. This notice will be accompanied by further guidelines for the
submission of the full-text papers and PowerPoint presentations. Authors
will then have 30 days to complete their Conference Registration.

For further details, visit the GL11 Website at http://www.textrelease.com

or contact:


GL11 Program and Conference Bureau
Javastraat 194-HS
1095 CP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax  +31 (0) 20-331.2420
conference at textrelease.com
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