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/12//th //International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics
Rio de Janeiro, 14-17 July 2009 (// 

Call for papers and presentations
ISSI 2009 Conference Workshop on July 14th:

*/Tracking and evaluating interdisciplinary research:
metrics and maps/*

This workshop aims to contrast perspectives on how to measure and map 
interdisciplinary research, exploring recent advances on three research 

1.  Conceptualizations and associated measures of interdisciplinarity, 
e.g. in terms of knowledge integration, network analyses, and 
disciplinary diversity.

2.    Varied approaches to visualize (map) the relative position of 
bodies of research, ranging from that of an investigator to an emerging 

3.    Assessment of the benefits and downsides of interdisciplinary 
research (e.g., on citation impact), and the ensuing science policy 

The workshop will include comments by selected discussants and time to 
exchange ideas and to identify promising research avenues. /See 
attachment for more details/

*Workshop organisers:*

Alan Porter, Georgia Institute of Technology, US, 
alan.porter at <mailto:alan.porter at>
Ismael Rafols, SPRU, University of Sussex, England, 
i.rafols at <mailto:i.rafols at>

Please send your contributions to Ismael Rafols (email: 
i.rafols at <mailto:i.rafols at> ) by April 17^th , 
2009. Submissions may include short papers (max. 2,000 words or 5 pages) 
or full presentations (max. 5,000 or 12 pages), author(s) name, 
affiliation and contact details.

*Important dates:*
Deadline for submission: April 17^th
Acceptance decision by May 12^th

*Registration and fees: *see ISSI conference registration webpage 

*Program Committee:*
Chair: Alan Porter (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
Kevin Boyack (Map of Science, US)
Loet Leydesdorff (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Fernanda Morillo (CSIC, Spain)
Ed Noyons (CTWS, University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
David Roessner (SRI, US)
Michel Zitt (INRA and Observatoire des Science et des Techniques, France)


Ismael Rafols, Research Fellow
SPRU -Science and Technology Policy Research
University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QE, England

i.rafols at, 
+44(0)78 53865382 or ismaelrafols @ skype

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