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Dear colleague,

Please find attached a recently published paper (pdf-file) that might be
of interest to you: "Hirsch-Type Index Values for Organic Chemistry
Journals: A Comparison of New Metrics with the Journal Impact Factor "
(European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2009(10), 1471-1476).


Abstract: In August 2005, Jorge Hirsch introduced with the h index a new
research performance indicator. His index is an original and simple new
measure that incorporates both quantity and visibility of publications.
Since 2005, a number of corrections and complementary indices to the h
index as well as single number alternatives have already been put
forward. We examine in the present study the h index and the most
important h index variants that have been proposed and discussed in the
literature. The aim of the analysis is to determine empirically the
extent to which the usage of the h index and its

variants for measuring the performance of journals results in an
incremental contribution against the Journal Impact Factor (JIF). JIF, h
index, and different variants of the h index were calculated for 20
organic chemistry journals. As the findings reveal high
intercorrelations, the different performance measures could be called
redundant in empirical application.

Best regards,
Lutz Bornmann



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