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Dear colleagues.

I am sending the link to a new paper on h index. The sample studied is a group of highly productive Cuban neuroscientists


Dorta-Contreras AJ, Arencibia-Jorge R, Marti-Lahera Y, Araujo-Ruiz JA.

Neurosciences have an important place inside the scientific development of Ibero American countries, and particularly in Cuba. The objective of the current work is to analyze the productivity and visibility of Cuban neuroscientists in the period 2001-2005, and the value of H index as evaluation tool. Web of Science and Scopus were the databases used as information sources. The 24 most productive Cuban neuroscientists in Web of Science were identified, and their scientific production in Scopus was retrieved. For each author, in each database, the following indicators were calculated: total number of published authors, total number of cited articles, proportion of cited articles, total number of citations received, average of citations received by article, and H index. Some variations in the calculated indicators were observed in Scopus with respect to Web of Science. The wide coverage of this database exerted influence on the increment of scientist’s productivity, as well as on the increment of H index values. The possible incorporation of citation analysis in the processes of evaluation and analysis of the scientific activity in Cuba was considered, in order to evaluate the advances in the Neurosciences field. 

[REV NEUROL 2008; 47: 355-60]

Key words. Bibliometric indicators. Cuba. Impact. Neurosciences. Scientific productivity.

Full text.

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