Webology: Volume 5, Number 2, 2008

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Mon Oct 6 08:56:42 EDT 2008

Dear All, apologies for cross-posting.
We are pleased to inform you that Vol. 5, No. 2 of Webology, an OPEN
ACCESS journal, is published and available ONLINE now.

Webology: Volume 5, Number 2, 2008
TOC: http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/toc.html

This issue contains:

- Citation-Linking between Open Access Journals
-- Alireza Noruzi
-- Keywords: Open access journals; Hyperlink; Citation-linking;
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/editorial16.html


- Search Engines and Power: A Politics of Online (Mis-) Information
-- Elad Segev
-- Keywords: Search engines; Information inequalities; Misinformation;
Structural biases; Politics of online information; Google Earth
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/a54.html

- Information retrieval and machine learning: Supporting technologies
for web mining research and practice
-- MPS Bhatia & Akshi Kumar Khalid
-- Keywords: Web Information Retrieval; Machine Learning Paradigms; Web mining
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/a55.html

- Marketing of library and information services in global era: A
current approach
-- Basanta Kumar Das & Sanjay Kumar Karn
-- Keywords: Library services; Information services; Marking; Market;
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/a56.html

- Web citation behaviour in scholarly electronic journals in the field
of library and information science
-- Smt. Veena R. Bhat & B. T. Sampath Kumar
-- Keywords: Internet; Electronic Journals; Web-based sources; Web
references; Citation analysis; Library and Information Science
-- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/a57.html

Book Reviews

- American libraries and the Internet: The social construction of Web
appropriation and use
--- Bin Li
--- Book reviewer: Hamid R. Jamali
--- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/bookreview14.html

- The human side of reference and information services in academic
libraries: Adding value in the digital world
--- Lesley S.J. Farmer
--- Book reviewer: Hamid R. Jamali
--- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/bookreview15.html

- Evidence-based librarianship: Case studies and active learning exercises
--- Elisabeth Connor
--- Book reviewer: N. K. Swain
--- http://www.webology.ir/2008/v5n2/bookreview16.html

Call for Papers
-- http://www.webology.ir/callforpapers.html


Best regards,
Alireza Noruzi, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief of Webology
Website: www.webology.ir
~ The great aim of Open Access journals is knowledge sharing.~

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