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Sat Jul 26 03:49:02 EDT 2008

  Eugene Garfield writes

> News of the Week
> Survey Finds Citations Growing Narrower as Journals Move Online
> Jennifer Couzin 

> Oddly, "our studies show the opposite," says Carol Tenopir, an
> information scientist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She and
> her statistician colleague Donald King of the University of North
> Carolina, Chapel Hill, have surveyed thousands of scientists over the
> years for their scholarly reading habits. 
  I suspect what the surveyed scientists say they do is not what
  they actually do. As a colleage once suggested to me, if you
  ask a reader what book the library should buy for her, she will
  tell you what she thinks she ought to read, rather than what she
  actually reads.


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