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This program enables one to read a file which is exported from the Scopus
database in the format "Text(ASCII format)". The program assumes an input
file with the name "data.txt".

The output is the organization of this information in files which allow for
relational database management (e.g., MS Access) or separate analysis as
spreadsheets. These files (AU.dbf; CS.dbf; CR.dbf; CORE.dbf) are in the
dBASE-format. Additionally, a file with the abstracts (abstract.txt) and
relational numbers is provided in ASCII format. The output is similar to
that of ISI.exe <> for the
Science Citation Index.

One major difference between the Scopus and ISI output is the use of the
abbreviated journal names in the ISI output. These are used in the cited
references by the ISI, but Scopus uses the full journal names. My program
BibJourn.Exe <at>,
for example, is affected by this difference. (HistCiteT hitherto has the
same problem.) 

The file CR.DBF provides the cited references both in the Scopus and the ISI
formats (but with long journal names). Note that the country names are not
fully standardized in Scopus (e.g., one may find both "The Netherlands" and

The current version is in the development phase. Please, feel free to
feedback with suggestions for improvements.

** apologies for cross-posting


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