Nanoscience and nanotechnology: a most recent update

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The delineation of  <>
nanoscience and nanotechnology 

in  <> terms of journals and
patents: a most recent update

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Paper presented at the workshop 

Intellectual and Laboratory Dynamics of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 

Paris, 27-28 April 2007.

The journal set which provides a representation of nanoscience and
nanotechnology at the interfaces among applied physics, chemistry, and the
life sciences is developing rapidly because of the introduction of new
journals. The relevant contributions of nations can be expected to change
according to the representations of the relevant interfaces among journal
sets. In the 2005 set the position of the USA decreased more than in the
2004-set, while the EU-27 gained in terms of its percentage of world share
of citations. The tag "Y01N" which was newly added to the EU classification
system for patents, allows for the visualization of national profiles of
nanotechnology in terms of relevant patents and patent classes.



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