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Sylvan Katz j.s.katz at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Mon Mar 12 18:14:56 EDT 2007


I had fun with your Thesaurus Term Selector.

Can you provide a URL to a paper that gives the details of the underlying 
data and methodology?

I played with the selector search feature. I was looking for the existence 
of well-know established term relationships in your data set. One of the 
things I looked for was the well established relationships among the terms 
'power laws', 'scaling laws', fractals and chaos. All scaling laws are 
power laws they are used to characterize fractal and chaotic systems. I 
found that neither the term 'power law' or 'power laws' existed and it was 
not obvious to me that I could navigate my way from among the terms scaling 
laws, chaos and fractals using the explorer. Is this what you would expect?

>In fact we have started doing Pajek mapping of Word Web. In this case we 
are looking at the diffusion
>of an idea in a network of ideas, not a network of people.

Well it could be argued that ideas are only generated by people hence a 
network of ideas is a network of people :)


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