Networks and link data, was preprint version "Globalisation in science in 2005"

Sylvan Katz j.s.katz at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Sat Mar 10 12:49:12 EST 2007


> seems to me to be an important question. I think a similar problem arises
> in statistical mechanics.

Are you thinking of Percolation Theory?


Albert, R. and A. L. Barabasi, 2002: Statistical mechanics of complex 
networks. Reviews of Modern Physics, 74, 47-97.

Newman, M. E. J. and D. J. Watts, 1999: Scaling and percolation in the 
small-world network model. Physical Review E, 60, 7332 LP  - 7342

Essam, J. W., 1980: Percolation theory. Reports on Progress in Physics, 43, 


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