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11th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics Madrid, 25-27 June



Call for papers and presentations


Workshop on:

Taking CiteSpace to Science: new applications to visualization programming


The visualization freeware CiteSpace <>  was developed by Chaomei Chen at Drexel University, US. Originally it was meant as an instrument for analyzing paradigmatic shifts in scientific specialties. In several articles Chen has shown the abilities of the program, but one of the weaknesses is the definition of a scientific field. We invite papers that discuss different approaches to this important problem. How reliable are strategies on the basis of keywords, on subject codes, or on selected sets of journals? If researchers normally are active in many different journals covering 15-20 different subject codes what does that say about using the ISI codes for definition of specialties? To what extent is burst of terms a strategy that is effective? What are the concurrent procedures of making identifiers and descriptors in the database and in journals? 

The strengths of the CiteSpace program are evident, but there might be areas of application that have not been discussed on scientific basis. Therefore, we organize this workshop at the Madrid ISSI conference and invite full or research-in-progress papers in order to discuss central features and new applications of the CiteSpace program. A main topic of the workshop is the continuous development of strategies for detecting and tracking research fronts and the evolution of a specialty. Especially, we are interested in ways of implementing the CiteSpace program for new questions. E.g. can CiteSpace be of any use for research group analysis? Can CiteSpace be applied to questions about funding policy for National Research Councils? Should CiteSpace be used for performance analysis? However, the workshop also encourages contributions that look at the CiteSpace program and its advantages and disadvantages in relation to bibliometric research methodology. A vital issue in bibliometric analyses is the reliability and standardization of Thompson ISI reference data. CiteSpace does not initially allow for such standardizations and the question is how this affects the resulting analyses? These and other questions will be addressed during the workshop. 



Please send your contributions to Jesper Wiborg Schneider (email: jws at by March 25th. Submissions should include full short papers (max 2000 words) or full presentations, author(s) name, affiliation and contact details. 


Important dates:

                      Deadline for short papers or presentations submission:      March 25

                      Acceptance decision:                                                       April 3

                      Early registration deadline:                                                April 15

                      Deadline for revised paper of presentation submission:      May 20



Workshop organizers:  

Ulf Sandström, Tema Institute, Linkoping University, 581 83 Linkoping, Sweden

Jesper Wiborg Schneider, Dept of Information Studies, Royal School of Library & Information Science, Aalborg, Denmark


Program committee: 

Chair: Jesper W. Schneider, Royal School of Library & Information Science, Denmark; 

Chaomei Chen, Drexel University, USA; 

Ulf Sandström, Linkoping University, Sweden; 

Diana Hicks, Georgia Tech, USA; 

Jin Bihui, Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; 

Félix de Moya Anegón, University of Granada, Spain; 

Olle Persson, Umeå University, Sweden.


Duration of the workshop: half-day (4 hours)


Selection of papers

Papers will be selected using double-blind peer review, administered by the committee chair. Note that papers already accepted by the main conference may not be re-given in the workshops but such papers might be transferred to workshops by the organizers of ISSI or the authors. Note that no more than 10 participants can be selected for the workshop.


Web Site

Updated information concerning the workshop program is posted at




Thursday, June 28, 9AM - 1 PM (4 hours, 1 break)



To be announced from the ISSI 2007 <>  organizers


Workshop fee per participant

Early bird registration fee (until April 25) is 75 Euro. Thereafter it is 100 Euro. This fee should be paid by all participants and covers services provided by the ISSI 2007 <>  Organizers:

-                workshop location,

-                IT facilities (computer, internet access and projector),

-                Coffee at break and post-workshop lunch

-                copying of the Workshop Proceedings/Notes (spiral bound)

Workshop participants should also register for the ISSI 2007 <>  general meeting.


Paper publication

The ISSI 2007 <>  organizing committee will photocopy and assemble Workshop Notes, with a front page and list of committee members, reviewers and participants. This will not abridge rights to submit papers to publishers or journals. Instructions will follow about proper format for papers presented at the workshop.



Kind regards - Jesper Schneider



Jesper Wiborg Schneider, PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Information Studies Royal School of Library & Information Science
Sohngårdsholmsvej 2, DK-9000 Aalborg, DENMARK Tel. +45 98773041, Fax. +45 98151042

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