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Isabel Galina i.russell at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Jul 30 03:44:52 EDT 2007

apologies for cross posting-
I am undertaking research into the use of electronic resources within
repositories with particular focus on diverse content type as part of a PhD
thesis at University College London.  As part of my research I am currently
looking for repository administrators (or anyone working directly with a
repository in their institution) who would be willing to fill in an online
survey about types and use of electronic resources and depositing behaviour.
It should take about 15 minutes to complete.
The results of this work should provide us with further insight into the use
of electronic resources within repositories and help to find appropriate
methodologies to detect and evaluate their impact. It is vital to understand
if and how these electronic resources are being used and to what extent are
they important within the scholarly communication process.
The survey is available at:
A Spanish version is available at:
Further information about the project can be found at:
Please feel free to forward this email to repository administrators that you
think might be interested.
I greatly appreciate your participation.  If you have any queries or
comments please email me at i.russell at ucl.ac.uk
Thank you,
Isabel Galina Russell
University College London,
School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
i.russell at ucl.ac.uk

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