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Thank you, Loet, for the honor.   I do notice that The Wall Street Journal
is cited most by law reviews, and this is probably not out of love.  There
has always been what may be described as frosty relations between
businessmen and lawyers, the former considering--probably correctly--the
latter as crooks--particularly those engaged in class action tort cases.
Some of the WSJ editorials on asbestos lawyers have been particularly
juicy--high comedy, as a matter of fact, since there is a thieves' alliance
between lawyers and doctors.  As a matter of fact, an ALA study once
validated this view of doctors and lawyers that dates back at least to
Rabelais and Shakespeare.  It found that the biggest thieves of library
materials are--in descending rank order--doctors, lawyers, and clergy
(denomination not specified).  One example of the hostility is that State
Farm Insurance and Casualty Company, the biggest US property insurer, has
stopped writing policies in Mississippi, a notorious tort heaven, as a
result of actions by its Attorney General that put the company up for
ransom.   The love is not increased by the WSJ being Republican and the
trial lawyers being the financial support of the Democratic Party, which
understandbly blocks all efforts at tort reform for reasons needilg no


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Figure 1: Citation pattern of the Wall Street Journal.

During 2005, the Wall Street Journal is cited 1,608 times by 240 journals
included in the Social Science Citation Index.
These 19 journals cited more than 1% of its total being cited, i.e. > 16

I took this journal as an example in honor of Stephen Bensman who seems to
read it and keeps us uptodate when peer review is under discussion ! :-)

See for technical details: Visualization of the Citation Impact
Environments of Scientific Journals: An online mapping exercise, Journal of
the American Society for Information Science and Technology 58(1), 25-38,
2007 . This is an extension with non-scientific (or non-ISI-listed)
journals. The size of the node should be compared with the horizontal axis
of the other nodes because self-citations are excluded in the case of
non-listed journals.

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