Gender perspectives in Health Sciences: a bibliometric study

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Gender perspectives can offer an interesting view of the woman role in Science. We send a picture of the Health Surveillance field in Cuba, through the study of a Cuban Open Access journal specialized in this topic. Health Surveillance is an interdisciplinary field, and we use techniques based on Social Network Analysis. Our paper shows a high protagonism of women in the research activity developed in the field. We will send as soon as possible an English version.   

Title: Woman and development in Health Sciences: a scientometric study of Reporte Técnico de Vigilancia from gender perspectives
Abstract: A scientometric study of the Reporte Técnico de Vigilancia, a journal of the Health and Analysis Trends Unit from the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, was carried out. The scientific production in the period 1996-2006 was analyzed based on gender perspective, in order to identify the presence of women in the Health Surveillance context for supporting decision making processes on publishing and scientific policies. The collaboration networks between authors, institutions and specialties were visualized. Women were predominant in the authorship. They participated in the 90 % of the articles. However, an increase of the collaboration between both sexes was evidenced. Women were the first author in the 70 % of the articles. The three levels of medical assistance were represented. The Third Level (health research institutes) had the protagonist role, with the predominance of women authorship. The presence of women was directly proportional to the subordination levels. 
 This presence was none at municipal level. A total of 23 specialties according to the professional career were identified. Women were presented in more than 60 % of those specialties, and they represented 100 % in almost 35 % of the specialties. Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Hygiene constituted the back bone of the disciplinary network, which was related to the theoretical framework on Health Surveillance. 
Key words: Woman, gender, science, health surveillance, scientific production, social networks, scientific collaboration, scientific journal, Scientometrics, Cuba.
Link: ACIMED 2007, Vol. 16, Issue 1

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