LSU Evaluation Pratfalls

Stephen J Bensman notsjb at LSU.EDU
Wed Aug 1 14:55:35 EDT 2007

I am donating to Louisiana State University (LSU) Archives materials I
have collected over the years on the national ratings of LSU's
research-doctorate programs.  I am too close to retirement to be really
hurt by making these materials public.  I have written for these
materials an inventory/explanation, which contains some interesting
findings concerning the vagaries of evaluating academic programs and the
mistakes that can be made.  Therefore, I am posting the
inventory/explanation on Sigmetrics in the accompanying Word attachment.
Some of you may find my humor rather offbeat, and you have to have seen
the movie "Gone with the Wind" to understand the best joke.  


Stephen J. Bensman

LSU Libraries

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA   70803


notsjb at


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