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The effect of 'Open access' and 'preprints' upon citation impact is an 
interesting issue that received much attention in messages submitted to 
the Sigmetrics list server. Recently I finished a paper on this issue. I 
decided to deposit it in Abstract and full text (in PDF) are 
now available at:: 
Title and abstract are included at the bottom of this message.
Please allow me to address a second point. The organisers of the 11th 
International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI 2007, 
to be held in Madrid, 25-27 June  2007), Isabel Gomez, Maria Bordons and 
Isidro Aguillo (at CINDOC, CSIC, Madrid) and myself, as program chair, 
are considering to dedicate in this conference a 
session to information-scientific aspects of  'Open Access'  and 
'Usage/downloads' from digital libraries. We would certainly welcome 
good papers on these issues.  If you are interested in contributing to 
such a session, please let me know, and submit a full paper or 
research-in-progress paper to the conference. See the Submission of 
papers page at the conference website ( 
</exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=>) for 
details about how to submit a paper.  Of course, papers on other topics 
covered by the conference are most welcome too! Deadline for submission 
is November 30, 2006.
With kind regards,
Henk F. Moed
Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University, The 
Email: moed at <mailto:moed at>
*The effect of 'Open Access' upon citation impact: An analysis of 
ArXiv's Condensed Matter Section*
Authors: *Henk F. Moed*
Comments: Version 13 November 2006. 16 pages, 6 figures, 2 tables
Subj-class: Digital Libraries; Information Retrieval

    This article statistically analyses how the citation impact of
    articles deposited in the Condensed Matter section of the preprint
    server ArXiv (hosted by Cornell University), and subsequently
    published in a scientific journal, compares to that of articles in
    the same journal that were not deposited in that archive. Its
    principal aim is to further illustrate and roughly estimate the
    effect of two factors, 'early view' and 'quality bias', upon
    differences in citation impact between these two sets of papers,
    using citation data from Thomson Scientific's Web of Science. It
    presents estimates for a number of journals in the field of
    condensed matter physics. In order to discriminate between an 'open
    access' effect and an early view effect, longitudinal citation data
    was analysed covering a time period as long as 7 years. Quality bias
    was measured by calculating ArXiv citation impact differentials at
    the level of individual authors publishing in a journal, taking into
    account co-authorship. The analysis provided evidence of a strong
    quality bias and early view effect. Correcting for these effects,
    there is in a sample of 6 condensed matter physics journals studied
    in detail, no sign of a general 'open access advantage' of papers
    deposited in ArXiv. The study does provide evidence that ArXiv
    accelerates citation, due to the fact that that ArXiv makes papers
    earlier available rather than that it makes papers freely available.  .


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