collaboration institutions

Andrea Scharnhorst andrea.scharnhorst at VKS.KNAW.NL
Mon Nov 13 16:12:50 EST 2006

For institutional analysis you could also look into webometrics (as the
e-mail of Hildrun already indicated). A lot of hyperlink studies are on a
institutional level.
See the web site of Mike Thelwall
and his book Link Analysis, and the
web project of the CINDOC group

Warmest regards
Andrea Scharnhorst

> Dear friends,
> I am a PHD student at the Chinese National Academy in Beijing.  I am
> trying to find papers that discuss bibliometric studies of collaboration
> among institutions.  There are many papers that discuss collaboration of
> authors, but I can't find any that talk about institutions.  Does anyone
> know of any papers about that topic? wish to your reply, Thanks,
> Best regards,
>                         LiYing Yang, Beijing.

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