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Sylvan Katz j.s.katz at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Mon Nov 13 07:34:47 EST 2006

I have published a number of papers on institutional collaboration. Many 
other have been published in Sceintometric. Here are some of my 
publications. The reference in these papers and reports will give you 

Katz, J. S. and B. R. Martin, 1997: What is Research Collaboration. 
Research Policy, 26, 1-18.
Katz, J. S. and D. Hicks, 1998: Indicators for Systems of Innovation - a 
bibliometrics-based approach Project No. PL951005 under the Targeted 
Socio-Economic Research Programme.
Katz, J. S., 1994: Geographical Proximity and Research Collaboration. 
Scientometrics, 1, 
Katz, J. S., 1992: Bibliometric assessment of university-university 
collaboration, SPRU, University of Sussex, 231.
Smith, D. and J. S. Katz, 2000: Collaborative Approaches to Research, HEFCE 
Fundamental Review of Research Policy and Funding, Final Report.

Dr. J. Sylvan Katz, Visiting Fellow
SPRU, University of Sussex

Adjunct Professor
Mathematics & Statistics, University of Saskatchewan

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Institut national de la recherche scientifique, University of Quebec

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