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Leo Egghe

May 17, 2006

On April 5, 2006, Elsevier (Oxford, UK) accepted my proposal for the
foundation of a new journal in the field of informetrics. The evident name
Journal of Informetrics (JOI) is the first internationally published journal
that bears "informetrics" in its name.

JOI is a journal with a broad spectrum of informetric topics: all
quantitative aspects of information are included within the journal's scope.
Of course, as for any peer-reviewed journal, there are the limitations to
high-quality papers. Such papers can be described as articles containing
mathematical-probabilistic-statistical models and/or containing a good
description of universally interesting data-sets. The scope can be
illustrated by the papers published in the journal Information Processing
and Management in two special issues on informetrics in 2005 (V41/No6
<>) and 2006 (currently
in press), for which I was the guest-editor.

JOI will be a quarterly journal, each issue comprising about 100 pages. The
first volume will be published in 2007. However it is the intention to have
the printed and electronic version of the first issue ready by December
2006. This means that the editorial office should have the first issue ready
by end of September.

Your are hereby invited to submit a paper for JOI. If you want your paper to
belong to the first issue you are advised to submit your paper before end of
June. Submissions must be done using Elsevier's ees (electronic editorial
system). Author guidelines will be available shortly. In the meantime, if
you have any questions regarding submissing, please contact me directly
(e-mail: leo.egghe at or tel. +32 11 26.81.21).

Leo Egghe
Journal of Informetrics

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