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Dear colleagues, 
The special issue of Scientometrics based on the Triple Helix Conference
2005 is now complete. The ToC reads as follows: 
Loet Leydesdorff and Martin Meyer: The Scientometrics of a
<http://www.leydesdorff.net/sci06th5/index.htm> Triple Helix of
university-industry-government relations. (Introduction to the topical

Abstract: We distinguish between an internal differentiation of science and
technology that focuses on instrumentalities and an external differentiation
in terms of the relations of the knowledge production process to other
social domains, notably governance and industry. The external contexts bring
into play indicators and statistical techniques other than publications,
patents, and citations. Using regression analysis, for example, one can
examine the importance of knowledge and knowledge spill-over for economic
development. The relations can be expected to vary among nations and
regions. The field-specificity of changes is emphasized as a major driver of
the research agenda. In a knowledge-based economy, institutional
arrangements can be considered as support structures for cognitive


I. Geographical Units of Analysis


Poh-Kam Wong, Yuen-Ping Ho: Knowledge sources of innovation in a small open
economy: The case of Singapore


Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Fragiskos Archontakis, Alfredo Yegros-Yegros: In
which regions do universities patent and publish more?


Wolfgang Glänzel, Balázs Schlemmer: National research profiles in a changing
Europe (1983-2003). An exploratory study of sectoral characteristics in the
triple helix


II. The Entrepreneurial University


Sujit Bhattacharya, Praveen Arora: Industrial Linkages in Indian
universities: What they reveal and what they imply?


Omar Belkhodja, Réjean Landry: The triple-helix collaboration: Why do
researchers collaborate with industry and the government? What are the
factors that influence the perceived barriers?


Nicola Baldini, Rosa Grimaldi, Maurizio Sobrero: To patent or not to patent?
A survey of Italian inventors on motivations, incentives and obstacles to
university patenting


Paula S.F. Moutinho, Margarida Fontes, Manuel M. Godinho: Do individual
factors matter? A survey of scientists’ patenting in Portuguese public
research organisations


III. Academic Patenting


Bruno Cassiman, Patrick Glenisson, Bart Van Looy: Measuring industry-science
links through inventor-author relations: A profiling methodology


Eric J. Iversen, Magnus Gulbrandsen, Antje Klitkou: A baseline for the
impact of academic patenting legislation in Norway. 


Martin Meyer, Puay Tang: Exploring the ‘value’ of academic patents: IP
management practices in UK universities and their implications for
third-stream indicators


Bart Van Looy, Tom Magerman, Koenraad Debackere: Developing technology in
the vicinity of science: An examination of the relationship between science
intensity (of patents) and technological productivity within the field of


IV. The Dynamics of S&T Networks


R. Ramlogan, A. Mina, G. Tampubolon, J.S. Metcalfe: Networks of knowledge:
The distributed nature of medical innovation


Antje Klitkou, Stian Nygaard, Martin Meyer: Tracking techno-science
networks: A case study of fuel cells and related hydrogen technology R&D in


Hildrun Kretschmer, Ute Kretschmer, Theo Kretschmer: Reflection of
co-authorship networks in the web: Web hyperlinks versus web visibility

We expect publication later this year.
With kind regards, Martin Meyer & Loet Leydesdorff
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