de la Guardia M "Editorial: Quantitative vibrational spectrometry in the 21st century" SPECTROSCOPY LETTERS 38 (6): 663-664 2005

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Title: Editorial: Quantitative vibrational spectrometry in the 21st century

Author(s): de la Guardia M

Source: SPECTROSCOPY LETTERS 38 (6): 663-664 2005

Document Type: Editorial Material
Language: English
Cited References: 0      Times Cited: 0

PA 19106 USA
Subject Category: SPECTROSCOPY
IDS Number: 005JO

ISSN: 0038-7010

The state of the art of research on vibrational spectrometry - based
quantitative methodologies was evaluated from the literature compiled in
Analytical Abstracts from 1980.  Medium and near infrared, Raman
spectrometry, and photoacoustic methods of analysis were considered.  The
evolution of the number of published papers, the distribution of the
literature as a function of the different application fields in which the
vibrational methods were employed, and a study of the impact on this area
of chemometric and automation studies clearly shows that, from the 1990s
until now, the importance of vibrational spectrometry in application
analysis has grown to reach maturity.  This field provides alternative
methods for industrial, environmental, and food analysis and in clinical
studies.  The most active research groups on these subjects have been
identified from their scientific production in the first years of this
century and from the journals in which this research is commonly published.

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