Early citation advantage?

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The reduced publisher downloads are worrying for the future viability of
journals - particularly since some repositories (e.g. PubMed Central) refuse
to provide sufficiently detailed download statistics for publishers and/or
libraries to combine with the usage on the publisher's site


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> In our study of math articles deposited in the arXiv, we could not detect
> an Early View advantage.  Mathematics articles have very long citation
> half-lives and don't get cited nearly as often as biomedical articles, so
> the effect may be there, but just not detectable in our dataset.  There
> were stronger explanatory variables to explain the citation advantage.
> See:
> Does the arXiv lead to higher citations and reduced publisher downloads
> for
> mathematics articles?
> Philip M. Davis and Michael J. Fromerth
> Scientometrics (2007 forthcoming) http://arxiv.org/pdf/cs.DL/0603056
> An analysis of 2,765 articles published in four math journals from 1997 to
> 2005 indicated that articles deposited in the arXiv received 35% more
> citations on average than non-deposited articles (an advantage of about
> 1.1
> citations per article), and that this difference was most pronounced for
> highly-cited articles. The most plausible explanation is not Open Access
> or
> Early View, but Self-Selection, which has led to higher quality articles
> being deposited in the arXiv. Yet in spite of their citation advantage,
> arXiv-deposited articles received 23% fewer downloads from the publisher's
> website (about 10 fewer downloads per article) in all but the most recent
> two years after publication. The data suggest that arXiv and the
> publisher's website may be fulfilling distinct functional needs of the
> reader.
> --Phil Davis
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