Welsh TS "The Literature of Telemedicine: A Bibliometric Study" Science & Technology Libraries 25(3): 21-34, 2005.

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DOI: 10.1300/J122v25n03_03

TITLE : The Literature of Telemedicine: A Bibliometric Study


SOURCE:  Science & Technology Libraries 25(3): 21-34, 2005.

Author address: TS Welsh, University So. Mississippi, School of Library &
Information Science, Hattiesburg, MS 39406 USA

A specialized body of telemedicine/telehealth literature has developed in
recent years, fueled by research and the development of telemedicine as a
field of study. This bibliometric study examines the publishing and citing
patterns of telemedicine literature indexed by the Telemedicine Information
Exchange (TIE), an online database maintained by the Telemedicine Research
Center (TRC) with major support from the National Library of Medicine.
Citation counts in the TIE bibliographic database trace the growth and
development of telemedicine literature and identify the most prolific
authors. Citation counts in SciSearch cited reference science database
indicate the most cited telemedicine journals and authors and are used to
compute journal impact factors. Seventy percent of the telemedicine
literature was published since 1995; 86 percent was published since 1990.
Core telemedicine journals, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare and
Telemedicine Journal, are peer-reviewed, research-oriented, highly cited in
SCI, and have a high Journal Impact Factor. The most prolific authors are
not necessarily the most cited (only 30 percent of top ten most prolific
telemedicine authors are also among the top ten most cited in SCI).


Data from :

Table 4
Most Cited Telemedicine Authors in SciSearch (Ranked by Number of Cited
Reference Counts, August 2000)

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Douglas Perednia, MD, Portland OR
Position :  Pres., Assn. Of Telemedicine Service Providers. Dir,
Telemedicine Res. Ctr.
SCI Cites: 123

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Rashid L. Bashshur, Ph.D., Ann Arbor, MI
Position :   Editor-in-Chief, Telemedicine Journal. Director of
Telemedicine, University of Michigan.
SCI Cites:  73

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Jim Grigsby, Ph.D., Denver CO.
Position :  Senior Editor, Telemedicine Journal, Research Associate, Univ.
of Colorado
SCI Cites: 62

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Ace Allen, MD. Overland Park, KS
Position :  President & Editor, Telemedicine Today.  Dir, Telemedicine Res.
Univ. of Kansas
SCI Cites: 54

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Richard Wootton, Ph.D., DSc., Brisbane,
Position :  Editor. Journal of Telemedicine & Telecare. Dir. Of Health
Research, Univ. of Queensland.
SCI Cites: 52

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Gary C. Doolittle, MD.  Kansas City, KS
Position :  Director, Telemedicine Services, University of Kansas Medical
SCI Cites: 29

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Ronald S. Weinstein, MD, Tucson, AZ
Position :  Director, Arizona Telemedicine Program.  Univ. of Arizona,
Health Sci. Ctr.
SCI Cites: 26

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Richard Satava, MD, New Haven, CN
Position :  Professor of Surgery, Yale University Medical Center
SCI Cites:21

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Pam Whitten PhD. East Lansing, MI
Position :  Director, Telemedicine Services, Michigan State University
SCI Cites: 20

Author/Specialty/Location  :  Seong K. Mun, Ph.D.  East Lansing, MI.
Position :  Director, ISIS Center, Radiology Dept. Georgetown Univ. Medical
SCI Cites:15

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