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I recently received the following request for help.If anyone can offer advice, please reply directly to Susana or, if replying to the list, cc her.

Many thanks

Quentin Burrell

If you have two minutes available, I shall greatly appreciate your advice:

The "Observatorio de Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología" Technology, Science and Innovation Observatory, takes part as a department of the Dirección de Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo (DICyT) prior CONICYT (National Council for Science and Technology policies) in Uruguay (South America).

In the Observatory we are two persons that are in charge of the bibliometrics indicators, that is to say, we work with the National Citation Report (every two years we get the updated data base) of the ISI Thompson products. Since 1997 we are subscribed to the NCR for Uruguay. This product is a portion of the SCI, the SSCI and the HACI focused to those publications of Uruguayan researchers published in international serials indexed by ISI.

With this database we prepare each two years the national bibliometric indicators. But I think that we could prepare most sofisticated studies concerning the "results" of national or external debt funds that the uruguayan State involve each year in SCI activities. But we have never received a certain systematic training that let us consider other "results indicators" . So, I am asking you some advice in relation with training courses mainly focused in obtaining indicators of results (indicadores de resultados) that let our authorities to evaluate SCI programmes and future politics decisions.  Do you understand my request?

I need training for streghten knowledge bases concerning bibliometric studies. But bibliometric activities for library evaluation is not of my interest. I need bibliometric or informetric training for SCI politics decisions, mainly evaluation of research programmes and their corresponding economic support.

I am librarian (with a Diplome certificate) specialized in TIC´s delivered by Unesco and the Education and Culture Ministry of Uruguay. Perhaps there are some universities or national science and technology departments that offer this training. Do you know any of them, or could you advice me in getting in touch with any of them?

I will greatly appreciate your help because in Uruguay there is no experience with bibliometric studies. 

Thank you in advance. Cordially yours,

Susana Maggioli
Chief Librarian
maggioli at dinacyt.gub.uy 
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