Data sorces for performing citation analysis: An overview

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I think this article will be very helpful, but the extension that seems
necessary right now is to CrossRef data.  Many publishers such as the
Optical Society of America via Optics Infobase provide forward and
backward citations using CrossRef.  When trying to *approach*
comprehensiveness, I felt I had to look there as well as Scopus, Web of
Science, Google Scholar, and CA.  In fact, I found many citations there
that were unique -- but this is not scientific, merely anecdotal. 

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Data sorces for performing citation analysis: An overview

PURPOSE: To provide an overview of new citation-enhanced databases and
to identify issues to be considered when they are used as data source
for performing citation analysis.
DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: Reports the limitations of Thomson
Scientific's citation indexes and reviews the characteristics of the
citation-enhanced databases Chemical Abstracts, Google Scholar and
FINDINGS: Suggests that citation-enhanced databases need to be examined
carefully, with regard to both their potentialities and their
limitations for citation analysis.
ORIGINALITY/VALUE: Presents a valuable overview of new citation-
enhanced databases in the context of research evaluation.

Accepted for publication in the "Journal of Documentation". Post- print
version available at:

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