Hakanson M. "The impact of gender on citations: An analysis of College & Research Libraries, Journal of Academic Librarianship, and Library Quarterly " College & Research Libraries 66(4): 312-322, July 2005.

Thomas Krichel krichel at OPENLIB.ORG
Thu Aug 3 23:02:50 EDT 2006

  Eugene Garfield writes
> Abstract:
> Three scholarly core journals of library and information science (LIS) were
> analyzed with respect to gender of article authors and gender of authors
> cited in these articles. The share of female contributors to these journals
> has certainly increased during the studied period, 1980-2000. However, the
> results of the quantitative citation analysis show puzzling differences
> concerning female and male authors' citation practice. There may be a
> gender bias in LIS publishing, even though female authors have become more
> numerous.

  What does this author mean by "even though"? The fact that there are
  more female than male authors should be othogonal to the gender bias
  in the papers. Do I detect an implicit assumption here that female
  authors have less gender bias than male authors?


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