An Examination of Citation Counts in a New Scholarly Communication Environment

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>Bauer, Kathleen, and Nisa Bakkalbasi. An Examination of Citation Counts
>in a New Scholarly Communication Environment. D-Lib Magazine, 11(9).
>September 2005.
>>From the abstract: "This paper presents a case study comparing the
>citation counts provided by Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar
>for articles from the Journal of the American Society for Information
>Science and Technology (JASIST) published in 1985 and in 2000 using a
>paired t-test to determine statistical significance."

For their future work, the authors of this interesting paper should,
perhaps, take into account the ISI Proceedings database because the
conference papers indexed therein are included together with their
references. For example, I found (today) in this database 17 cites given to
JASIS papers of 1985, and 271 cites given to JASIS papers of 2000.
This would give a clearer picture of what one gets from free services like
Google Scholar and from products which have to be licensed.

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