The Turn: New monograph on IR & seeking integrated research and f rameworks

Ingwersen Peter PI at DB.DK
Sun Sep 11 05:13:11 EDT 2005

Dear colleagues in the Informetric fields, but also interested in
information retrieval and behavior research. I wish to announce that the

The Turn: Integration of Information Seeking and Retrieval in Context,
by Peter Ingwersen & Kalervo Jarvelin, has just been published by
Springer and is available at: - (at 59.95 Euro (= 73.2
USD))or at:
sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-1914297-0043351?v=glance&s=books - at 79.95 USD

We hope it can be of use for your future research and/or teaching.
Many regards - yours Peter Ingwersen & Kalervo Jarvelin

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