Models for author per paper distribution

Steven A. Morris Steven.A.Morris at OKSTATE.EDU
Fri May 20 16:04:46 EDT 2005

Thank your very much.  I noticed in your Scientometrics paper that it
mentioned that you would be investigating the author per paper
distribution.  I guess the JASIST paper must be reporting the results of
that research.

I have located the JASIST paper and looked it over, but of course, since
it takes some time and thinking to really read a paper, I won't be able
to really look at it until later.

I noticed that you had fitted a lot of different distributions to your
results. I didn't try this, because I thought my data was so full of
noise and 2nd order effects that it would not be possible to really
discriminate between individual distributions, just families of
distributions.   In my mind I've been thinking that the author per paper
distribution is either "Poisson-ish" or "Power-law-ish" and that it
wasn't possible to model or measure any subtleties.

I like you're author behevior model in Appendix B, and the models for
1-shifted Poisson and 1-shifted binomial in the Scientometrics paper.
That's the kind of stuff I'm really after, proposed models of author
behavior that generate the author per paper distribution.

I'm attaching a draft paper on the topic that may interest you.  It may
appear in JASIST if it survives the review process. The author per paper
model I'm thinking about is in Section 2.6  (page 13, lines 19-32).  Of
course, I'd be very happy to hear any comments you have about that model
or about the paper in general.

Thanks again,

Steven Morris

Isola wrote:

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> Steve :
> My paper that followed our 1988 paper actually  focussed exclusively
> on the models for the number of authors per paper, and considered data
> sets from various fields.  Please see :
> Ajiferuke, I. (1991). A probabilistic model for the distribution of
> authorships. Journal of the American Society for Information Science,
> 42(4), 279-289.
> Cheers,
> Isola
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