Indicators of collaboration intensity?

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Dear Steven - I think that the year of publication of Isola article is 1988 and not 1998 ...


"Steven A. Morris" <samorri at OKSTATE.EDU> escribió:

Wow! So much information just for the asking...


Thanks kindly for the reference. It looks very relevant to what I'm after.
I'll have to order it through interlibrary loan, since my Scientometric
subscription only goes back to 2000....


On Thu, 12 May 2005 12:05:23 -0400, Isola wrote:

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>Steven :
>You have mentioned two of the indicators, i.e. the mean number of
>authors per paper, and the percentage of multiple-authored papers (this
>is just the complement of the percentage of single authored papers).
>There is a third one, called the collaborative coefficient, which is
>more sensitive than the other two. See the following article for
details :
>Ajiferuke, I. , Burrell, Q. & Tague, J. (1998). Collaborative
>coefficient : A single measure of the degree of collaboration in
>research. Scientometrics, 14(5-6), 421-433.
>Best wishes,
>Steven A. Morris wrote:
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>>Hi folks,
>>Does anyone out there know of an indicator of the "intensity" of
>>collaboration that characterizes a research specialty? For example,
>>mathematicians tend to be loners that don't often work with others,
>>therefore mathematical specialties have "low" collaboration intensity.
>>Biomedical researchers tend to work in large teams, so biomedical
>>specialties have "high" collaboration intensity.
>>One possible indicator would be the mean authors per paper in a
>>specialty's literature. This is actually not a very sensitive indicator I
>>think. Another indicator could be the percentage of single authored
>>papers, which I think is more sensitive, e.g.,
>>Specialty percent 1 collaboration
>> auth papers intensity
>>Distance 47% low
>>Complex 23% medium
>>angio- 7% high
>> genesis
>>Does anyone have any ideas or references on
>>collaboration intensity indicators?
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