Indicators of collaboration intensity?

Steven A. Morris samorri at OKSTATE.EDU
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I understand what you're getting at, and that's another question...  What
indicators can be used to characterize the degree of collaboration
via 'strong ties' (within a team) and alternately, how to characterize the
degree of collaboration via 'weak ties' (between teams)?

The second method you mention, percentage of authors outside the main
institution, could work to measure 'weak tie' collaboration.  Frankly, I
have a terrible time extracting institution names from Web of Science
records. So I don't know exactly how to make such a measure reliable.


Steven Morris

On Thu, 12 May 2005 18:03:50 +0200, Michel J. Menou
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>There is also a difference between 2 or 3 co-authors and many co-authors.
>Not to mention the case when the co-authors are students and project
>director,  head of Department and assistants, etc.
>More importantly 12 co-authors from same institution does not reflect
>the same level of collaboration intensity than 12 co-authors from
>different institutions.
>I'd rather combine percentual of single authorship and percentual of
>multiple co-authors from different institutions
>Steven A. Morris wrote:
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>>Hi folks,
>>Does anyone out there know of an indicator of the "intensity" of
>>collaboration that characterizes a research specialty?  For example,
>>mathematicians tend to be loners that don't often work with others,
>>therefore mathematical specialties have "low" collaboration intensity.
>>Biomedical researchers tend to work in large teams, so biomedical
>>specialties have "high" collaboration intensity.
>>One possible indicator would be the mean authors per paper in a
>>specialty's literature. This is actually not a very sensitive indicator I
>>think.  Another indicator could be the percentage of single authored
>>papers, which I think is more sensitive, e.g.,
>>Specialty   percent 1     collaboration
>>            auth papers   intensity
>>Distance     47%           low
>>Complex      23%           medium
>>angio-       7%            high
>> genesis
>>Does anyone have any ideas or references on
>>collaboration intensity indicators?
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