Indicators of collaboration intensity?

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Steven :

You have mentioned two of the indicators, i.e. the mean number of
authors per paper, and the percentage of multiple-authored papers (this
is just the complement of the percentage of single authored papers).
There is a third one, called the collaborative coefficient, which is
more sensitive than the other two.   See the following article for details :

Ajiferuke, I. , Burrell, Q. & Tague, J. (1998). Collaborative
coefficient : A single measure of the degree of collaboration in
research. Scientometrics, 14(5-6), 421-433.

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Steven A. Morris wrote:

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>Hi folks,
>Does anyone out there know of an indicator of the "intensity" of
>collaboration that characterizes a research specialty?  For example,
>mathematicians tend to be loners that don't often work with others,
>therefore mathematical specialties have "low" collaboration intensity.
>Biomedical researchers tend to work in large teams, so biomedical
>specialties have "high" collaboration intensity.
>One possible indicator would be the mean authors per paper in a
>specialty's literature. This is actually not a very sensitive indicator I
>think.  Another indicator could be the percentage of single authored
>papers, which I think is more sensitive, e.g.,
>Specialty   percent 1     collaboration
>            auth papers   intensity
>Distance     47%           low
>Complex      23%           medium
>angio-       7%            high
> genesis
>Does anyone have any ideas or references on
>collaboration intensity indicators?
>Steven Morris
>Oklahoma State University


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