The Knowledge Base of Regional Innovation Systems in Germany

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Sat Jan 22 14:49:26 EST 2005

Measuring  <> the Knowledge Base of
Regional Innovation Systems in Germany

in terms of  <> a Triple Helix dynamics

Paper to be presented at the Fifth International Triple Helix
<> Conference,

18-21 May 2005, Turin


Loet Leydesdorff  <outbind://21/#_ftn1> [1] & Michael Fritsch
<outbind://21/#_ftn2> [2]


The knowledge base of an economy adds another feedback loop to a political
economy. While a market economy seeks equilibrium, a knowledge-based economy
upsets this tendency towards stabilization by adding the non-linear feedback
of globalization. The interaction among the three subdynamics of economic
exchange, technological innovation, and institutional control can be
captured with a Triple Helix model of innovation. We propose to use the
mutual information among these three subdynamics as an indicator of
development at the systems level. On the basis of data at the district level
in Germany the conclusions of a previous study about the Netherlands will be
tested: medium-tech manufacturing is the main driver of a knowledge-based
configuration in a regional economy, while knowledge-intensive services tend
to uncouple the economy from the regional configuration. Some regions in the
former East Germany have been successful in profiting from the coupling at
the high-tech end of the knowledge-intensive services. At the level of
regions (NUTS-2) the knowledge-based economy is no longer structured by the
previous East-West divide, while this divide has remained the main structure
at the level of the states (NUTS-1) which constitute the Federal Republic.
The effects of high and medium-tech are not specific for the western or
eastern parts of the country.


Figure 4: The mutual information in three dimensions at the NUTS-1 and
NUTS-2 levels, respectively

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