Citation impact environments of scientific journals

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
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Citation environments for the 5907  <>
journals included in the Science Citation Index 2003 are now available in
the cited dimension at for processing
using Pajek.

The journal names provide links to text-files which can be imported into
Pajek for the visualization of their respective citation environments. Pajek
can be retrieved at  <> . Its use is free for
academic purposes. The files below are also freeware for academic purposes.
Users may wish to provide a reference, for example, to my paper "
<> Top-down Decomposition of the
Journal Citation Report of the Social Science Citation Index: Graph- and
factor-analytical approaches. Scientometrics 60 (2), 2004, 159-180.


The citation environment of the journal Nanotechnology in 2003 (cited;
cosine ?  0.5).

The citation environments are limited to those journals which cite the seed
journal more than one percent of its total citation rate or which are being
cited by this journal to more than one percent of its citation pattern.
(These two criteria operate independently.) These visualizations are based
on the cited-patterns of the journals. (See at
<> for the corresponding files in the
citing dimension.)

The cosine between the citation vectors is used insofar as it is ?  0.2.
Within Pajek one can increase this threshold (by using: Transform > Remove).
The representation of the citation patterns of Nanotechnology in the figure,
for example, is based on using a cosine ?  0.5.

The files can be edited as ASCII text files. One can read them into Pajek
using the menu File > Network > Read, Choose the file name. By partitioning
the file (e.g., in terms of its core using Net > Partition) one can colour
the visualizations into different groupings (File > Partition > Edit). Using
the Options within the screen with the visualization (Draw > Partition) one
can vary the size of lines (e.g., 3), the arrows (e.g., 0), and the fonts
(e.g., 12).

** apologies for cross-postings

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 <> The Challenge of
Scientometrics ;  <> The
Self-Organization of the Knowledge-Based Society

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