Wilgus, ML; Adcock, PA; Takashima, A "Volume, trend and citation analyses of skin related publications from 1966 to 2003" Journal of Dermatological Science 37(3):125-136, March 2005.

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TITLE:          Volume, trend and citation analyses of skin related
                publications from 1966 to 2003 (Review, English)

AUTHOR:         Wilgus, ML; Adcock, PA; Takashima, A

                p.125-136 ELSEVIER SCI IRELAND LTD, CLARE

ABSTRACT:       Research activities in the field of dermatology and skin
biology have markedly improved our understanding of the physiology of
skin and pathogenic mechanisms of cutaneous diseases. To evaluate the
progress of such activities in a retrospective manner, we extracted more
than 250,000 skin-related publications between 1966 and 2002 from the
MEDLINE database and categorized them on the basis of the topics and
experimental approaches. We observed that the annual number of
publications in skin research had increased comparably with publications
in lung or kidney research, and we identified several notable changes in
research trends. To assess the impact of skin research on the biomedical
community as a whole, we extracted from the PubMed database in excess of
3200 skin-related articles published between 1975 and 2003 in 19 highly
ranked journals with impact factors greater than 10.0. Interestingly, two
major research areas, immunology and cancer, appeared to dominate both
clinical and basic science articles published in those top tier journals.
>From this collection of publications, we generated a list of the top 101
skin-related articles based on the citation numbers. Not only does our
survey highlight past accomplishments, it also provides an important clue
for predicting the future direction of skin research. (c) 2004 Japanese
Society for Investigative Dermatology. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.
All rights reserved.

Addresses: Takashima A (reprint author), Univ Texas, SW Med Ctr, Dept
Dermatol, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75390 USA
Univ Texas, SW Med Ctr, Dept Dermatol, Dallas, TX 75390 USA

E-mail Addresses: Akira.Takashima at UTSouthwestern.edu

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