Wray, KB "An examination of the contributions of young scientists in new fields" SCIENTOMETRICS 61 (1). 2004. p.117-128

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TITLE:          An examination of the contributions of young scientists
                in new fields (Article, English)

AUTHOR:         Wray, KB

SOURCE:         SCIENTOMETRICS 61 (1). 2004. p.117-128 KLUWER ACADEMIC
                PUBL, DORDRECHT

ABSTRACT:       I examine whether or not new scientific specialties
present young scientists with better opportunities to make significant
discoveries than established specialties by examining a series of
significant discoveries in the first 22 years of the field of
bacteriology. I found that it was middle aged scientists, not young
scientists, who were responsible for a disproportionate number of
significant discoveries. I argue that in order to make significant
discoveries scientists need to work their way into the center of the
social network of a scientific research community. Only then will they
have access to the material and social resources necessary to make such

AUTHOR ADDRESS: KB Wray, SUNY Coll Oswego, Dept Philosophy, 128 Piez Hall,
                Oswego, NY 13126 USA

(IDS: 844RQ 00009)  ISSN: 0138-9130

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