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On January 3, 1977 my essay - “Introducing Citation Classics:  The human
side of scientific papers"
< >
appeared in Current Contents.  The first group was selected from the 500
papers most-cited from 1961-1975. This collection contained some of the
most-cited papers ever published.  Space does not permit me to repeat the
text here but  readers may find this two-page essay worth perusing.

The Citation Classics feature was intended to capture some of the human side
of science.   We encouraged authors  to include personal details that are
rarely found in formal academic publications, such as obstacles encountered
and byways taken. We also asked that they mention the contributions of
co-authors,  awards or honors they received for their research, and any new
terminology arising from their work. Finally, we asked them to speculate on
the reasons  why  their work had  been cited so often.

>From 1977 to 1993,  four thousand Citation Classic Commentaries were
published. The full texts of these one-page articles are now available on an
open access server at :< > The website includes a
year-by-year directory as well as a brief history of the project.  Presently
the file can be searched by author or keyword using the “FIND” command on
your browser.

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