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Howard White whitehd at DREXEL.EDU
Sun Sep 12 21:01:05 EDT 2004

David Post has asked Loet Leydesdorff what "program/algorithm"
he used to create his diagram of citing/cited patterns in Scientometrics.
I hope Loet will not mind if I point out an earlier appearance of a similar
diagram on p. 120 of:

White, Howard D. Barry Wellman, Nancy Nazer.  (2004).  Does
    Citation Reflect Social Structure?  Longitudinal Evidence from
    the "Globenet" Interdisciplinary Research Group.  Journal of the
    American Society for Information Science and Technology 55(2):

The software used to make the diagram is Netdraw, created by Steve
Borgatti and distributed as part of UCINET 6, the premier package for
analyzing social network data. It works beautifully with citation network
data as well. All one needs is a matrix of sender-receiver (e.g.,
relations in proper UCINET format and a brief introduction to Netdraw.
My article above could be consulted for some descriptive details.

UCINet and Netdraw are available from Borgatti at:

Howard D. White
College of Information Science and Technology
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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